Camping Trip Essentials

Camping Trip EssentialsCamping Trip Essentials

Have you been working non-stop and you need a way to unwind and get away from the normal everyday routine? Well, camping is a good place to start. A camp trip will do you a lot good, a chance to hook up with family and friends and share good memories. And as much as it is a lot of fun it can also turn out not so great if you don’t make proper arrangements for your camping trip. You must be prepared for anything, like the rain or some unwanted guests (e.gwild animals) you’ll need some of these Camping Trip Essentials to stay comfortable.

camping tarp

Camping Tarps

You can’t afford to do without a tarp and there can never have too many when it comes to a camping trip. They are multi-purpose; they can serve as waterproof flooring for your tent, cover up holes in your tent or use as an air mattress or use them to create shades by hanging it from a tree. And in cases of emergency, they also serve as stretcher should someone get hurt and there is a need to get them to a hospital. Be sure to take as many as possible along with you, since they don’t even consume much space once properly folded.

Good Tents

While you may be tempted to sleep under the stars on a moonlit night, sleeping in a tent is the best thing to do. Sleeping under a tent is a lot comfy and safer as you are protected from the elements and you don’t have to sleep with the fear of waking up to unwanted guests. Get yourself one today and enjoy a good time camping.

camping utensilsCooking Utensils

Whatever you are going to be eating needs to be cooked, so you don’t want to go to camping without your set of cutlery and other essential cooking utensils. And don’t forget to bring along something to light the fire, unless you intend to eat your food raw.

Camping Hygiene Personal Products

And just because it’s camping doesn’t mean you should forget all about personal hygiene. You should not forget to take essential personal effects along with you to the campsite. Of course, you will need to shower, so don’t forget things like your soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste and a bucket to hold them.

First Aid Kitcamping first aid kit

For any camp trip, the importance of a first aid box cannot be overemphasized. Emergencies happen, so you should always be prepared for such, from little cuts to burns or scrapes or any form of injury that might require an immediate attention. You can get a complete kit at stores, but it will be wiser to add more medical items to the box if you are putting things together yourself in order to be well prepared.

Maps and/or a Compass

You don’t want to get lost in the woods. No! This is no fun at all. Always carry a map and a compass with you, just in case you wander far away from your camp base. Good enough if you know your North, best if you are able to tell whether your camp is in the north or the south and getting it right.

Camping Rope

Make sure to bring along plenty of this because it is also multi-purpose and you don’t want to be stranded without one. You can use it to tie things together or even use it as an anchor for your tent just in case of a strong wind. So make sure to bring enough with you.

led camp lightFlashlight or Lantern (and batteries)

Light is important, so get yourself lots of them as you will be needing them that much. While lanterns can run on oil, batteries or solar energy, flashlight work with disposable batteries or other likely features. At least, everyone present should own one light source one light and extras not far from reach.

Although this isn’t all, but at least it makes a Camping Trip Essentials essential list for a great camping experience.


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