Lightspeed Outdoors Vermont 4 Person Star Gazing Camping Tent

The popular Vermont 4 is back, and better than ever! With its new inner drawstring hub system, it pops up much like an umbrella does. Simple, fast, and with no extra poles to mess with! This model has room for 4. The oversized mesh windows extend up to the roof, allowing you to watch the stars while tucked in for the night. A durable 2000mm PU coated poly-oxford floor keeps moisture out, and an oversized front door with integrated front porch makes taking off dirty boots and gear easy. The Vermont 4 comes with a full-coverage 2000mm PU coated oxford rainfly which keeps your tent dry when the conditions turn nasty, and includes two stargazer skylights. The rainfly creates a porch vestibule for stowing gear, plus integrated reflective guyline system for additional stability during higher winds and extreme conditions.

Juniper Lake Instant Dome 4 Person Tent with Annex

The Coleman Juniper Lake 4 Person Instant Dome Tent with Annex features ventilated annex with rainfly that fits a medium sized dog bed, or serves as a gear locker. Pre attached poles make for a fast and easy basic set up in about a minute. The rainfly offers well ventilated weather protection. And so you feel a little more secure during a storm, there is exclusive Weathertec system for enhanced storm protection. To find your way back at night, Coleman has included Illumiline reflective guy lines for greater visibility at night.

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent – 4 Person

Mountain Trail South Bend Sport Dome tent sleeps 4 persons comfortably in this 63 square foot area tent, with base size 9ft x 7ft x 52″ center height. Features our shockcorded fiberglass frame with pin and ring system for quick set-up, large Dutch “D” style door for easy entry and exit, large mesh roof vents and windows for excellent ventilation. Includes a utility pocket and gear loft to keep personal items always within easy reach and an attached mud mat helps keep tent floor clean and clear.This tent has our integrated Stow-n-go duffel system that simplifies set-up, take-down and storage. Tent stakes and pole packet unrolls with tent – Fold labels for easy take-down with wrap becoming mud mat. Attached duffel wraps around rolled tent and secures with elastic bands.

Busen Mountain Waterproof Tent Dome Outdoor Camping Instant Tents for Camping 4 Person

Size(L*W*H): 210*240*130cm
Fly: 190T polyester pu1000mm water-proof
Inner: 190T polyester /mesh
Floor: 10*10PE
Poles: 8.5mm fiberglass poles

The dome design is easy to set up.
It’s also designed for incredible ventilation with large windows and a ground vent that helps moves the air up and out.
Zipper front door and back window, keep the air flowing.

If it rains, the Weathertec System is patented welded floors and inverted protected seams help ensure you stay dry.
The full coverage fly extends all the way down the tent and shields you from even the worst weather.

Easy set up, 8-steel pegs and 4-guy ropes, innovative design makes setup easier & faster, comfortable, nylon floors have taped floor seams.

Comes with Carry Bag for Storage.

The Tent 4 person is a great choice for a family carry bag trip or a family campground adventure.

SEMOO Water Resistant D-Style Door, 4-Person Camping/Traveling Family Dome Tent with Carry Bag

Semoo 4-Person 4-Season Camping Tent
The Semoo 4-Person Family Dome Tent provides a comfortable and spacious area to sleep up to four people, and is a great choice for small families or groups. Extremely lightweight and easy to set up, this tent is perfect for hiking and travel camping. The tent is constructed of durable polyester coating to keep you, your guests, and your camping contents safe and dry. A large D-style door provides easy access and large mesh window panels provide excellent ventilation, view, and protection against unwanted insects and pests. A high strength fiberglass frame provides stability and a hooped fly frame offers weather protection. The tent also dissembles in minutes and can be folded into its convenient carry bag for easy storage and transport. No matter if you are in the great outdoors, or in the comfort of your own backyard, this tent will be a great addition to any and all families!

Technical Specification:
Brand: Semoo
Style No.: smt119501
Rainfly Size(poles distance): (7.9+84.6)*96.5*55 inches
Inner Size: 88.6*92.6*55 inches
Packing Size: 21.7*7.1*5.5 inches
Shipping weight: 7.3 pounds
Fly shell: 190T Polyester PU1000mm
Inner: 190T Polyester PA 300mm
Mesh: B3
Floor: PE 110g/m2
Pole: FGP 7.9mm & 8.5mm

About Semoo
Semoo is internationally known for the design, manufacturing, and distribution of leisure outdoor gear and products. We provide optimal products aimed at satisfying our clients’ needs, as well as their interactions and relationships with nature. Semoo offers a wide range of products. We devote ourselves to the improvement of our clients’ enjoyment of their lives in the outdoors, which is reflected in the impeccable design and function of our products. Super high quality materials, fashionable designs, competitive prices, and a solid reputation have made our products popular the world over.

Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin

Adventure is moments away when you set up the Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin. Pre-attached poles make setup a simple matter of unfold, extend and secure, so your cabin and the integrated, vented rainfly are ready in about 60 seconds. If it rains, the WeatherTec system and its patented welded floors and inverted seams will help you stay dry. Inside, there’s enough room to stretch out on a queen-sized airbed, and two storage pockets help to keep small items organized. When it’s time to head home, the tent easily packs up into an expandable carry bag with a rip strip until you’re off on your next adventure.

Camping Trip Essentials

Camping Trip EssentialsCamping Trip Essentials

Have you been working non-stop and you need a way to unwind and get away from the normal everyday routine? Well, camping is a good place to start. A camp trip will do you a lot good, a chance to hook up with family and friends and share good memories. And as much as it is a lot of fun it can also turn out not so great if you don’t make proper arrangements for your camping trip. You must be prepared for anything, like the rain or some unwanted guests (e.gwild animals) you’ll need some of these Camping Trip Essentials to stay comfortable.

camping tarp

Camping Tarps

You can’t afford to do without a tarp and there can never have too many when it comes to a camping trip. They are multi-purpose; they can serve as waterproof flooring for your tent, cover up holes in your tent or use as an air mattress or use them to create shades by hanging it from a tree. And in cases of emergency, they also serve as stretcher should someone get hurt and there is a need to get them to a hospital. Be sure to take as many as possible along with you, since they don’t even consume much space once properly folded.

Good Tents

While you may be tempted to sleep under the stars on a moonlit night, sleeping in a tent is the best thing to do. Sleeping under a tent is a lot comfy and safer as you are protected from the elements and you don’t have to sleep with the fear of waking up to unwanted guests. Get yourself one today and enjoy a good time camping.

camping utensilsCooking Utensils

Whatever you are going to be eating needs to be cooked, so you don’t want to go to camping without your set of cutlery and other essential cooking utensils. And don’t forget to bring along something to light the fire, unless you intend to eat your food raw.

Camping Hygiene Personal Products

And just because it’s camping doesn’t mean you should forget all about personal hygiene. You should not forget to take essential personal effects along with you to the campsite. Of course, you will need to shower, so don’t forget things like your soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste and a bucket to hold them.

First Aid Kitcamping first aid kit

For any camp trip, the importance of a first aid box cannot be overemphasized. Emergencies happen, so you should always be prepared for such, from little cuts to burns or scrapes or any form of injury that might require an immediate attention. You can get a complete kit at stores, but it will be wiser to add more medical items to the box if you are putting things together yourself in order to be well prepared.

Maps and/or a Compass

You don’t want to get lost in the woods. No! This is no fun at all. Always carry a map and a compass with you, just in case you wander far away from your camp base. Good enough if you know your North, best if you are able to tell whether your camp is in the north or the south and getting it right.

Camping Rope

Make sure to bring along plenty of this because it is also multi-purpose and you don’t want to be stranded without one. You can use it to tie things together or even use it as an anchor for your tent just in case of a strong wind. So make sure to bring enough with you.

led camp lightFlashlight or Lantern (and batteries)

Light is important, so get yourself lots of them as you will be needing them that much. While lanterns can run on oil, batteries or solar energy, flashlight work with disposable batteries or other likely features. At least, everyone present should own one light source one light and extras not far from reach.

Although this isn’t all, but at least it makes a Camping Trip Essentials essential list for a great camping experience.


Camping fun and camping fun ideas


Camping fun and camping fun ideas

Camping presents a great outdoor opportunity to engage in lots of fun. It is an activity that offers a meaningful method to interact and bond more with loved ones and friends. It is also a way of relaxing and unwinding. The beauty of camping fun lies in the camping activities formulated by individuals involved. By formulating diversified and interesting camping activities to be involved in during this period, camping fun is guaranteed. Camping yields more fun especially when individuals plan the activities to engage in each camping day in order to accrue optimal camping fun. Here is a list of camping fun ideas to implement during a camping expedition.
Playing games
There is no better time to be very actively involved in playing games other than camping. It is a perfect time to engage in games you have been reluctant to participate in due to tight work schedules. Games inculcate a spirit of oneness, collaboration, and interaction between and among the parties involved. Examples of games that can be played include board games, card games, and charades. Card games are very suitable since it is easy to carry cards as one prepares to go camping.
Water activities
Camping can be a time to get yourself wet for some time. This activity is convenient if people are camping near a lake or river. If you love swimming, this can be a good chance to take a good swim either for leisure or as a sporting activity. Apart from swimming, individuals can also embark on fishing as a way of relaxing as well.
Bonding with nature
We can never get enough of nature. It is a manifestation of the essence of life and its beauty. Camping is a convenient way of nourishing our quest to explore nature to the fullest. There is so much of nature that offers gratification. Activities such as bird watching, learning the different species of millions of plants and animals, gathering edible world fruits, taking photographs of wildlife offer plenty of camping fun.
Camping is a time to also to explore your story telling skills. Narrating stories guarantees to capture the attention of all persons present at posing questions during the story telling sessions. During nightfall, it might not be convenient to have a lot of outdoor camping activities. Instead, people can narrate funny stories to each other to make camping more interesting.
Reading novels and magazines
You can definitely enjoy reading your favorite novel or magazine during camping. This is a good way to alternate outdoor camping activities with indoor activities. Reading at night especially when the rest are asleep will make the activity relaxing.
Cooking is indispensable during camping. It is not only an integral part of successful camping but also a great camping fun idea. Hunting wild animals and cooking them is quite interesting. Carrying easy to cook foods such as dried or fresh pasta and eggs offer an opportunity to test your culinary skills.
In wrapping up, the aforementioned camping fun ideas will authenticate your camping period. You will yearn to go for camping each time the weather is favorable enough to allow it. You only need to pick your preferred activities from the camping fun ideas menu as demonstrated in this article.

Saving Your Trip With Basic Camping Supplies

Saving Your Trip With Basic Camping Supplies Basic camping supplies

Camping trips are great. Camping allows you to have fun, adventure and learning while embracing the challenge of living outdoors. Many people consider camping as a relaxing recreational activity in addition to a more rigorous sport such as mountain climbing or whitewater rafting.

Camping is also necessary for more serious intentions. Researchers and scientists, for example, set up camps near a volcano to study its geology. Soldiers set up a field camp during an extended mission.

Whatever the purpose is, before heading out to a campsite, it is best to have a checklist of camping supplies. It’s important to ensure that what you need is within your grasp. Remember that you may be out in a remote place, far from any convenience store or supply center. Imagine how frustrating would it be when you want to build a nice, warm campfire only to find out that the campsite you chose is devoid of dry twigs that can be used for fuel!

Aside from your camping equipment, you would need to carry along the following camping supplies:

1. Tent

Even if you have a cabin to stay on, you probably still want to experience sleeping outdoors. Hence, a tent is a necessity. Determine your budget and needs first before picking one as there are an array of tents with various features and styles in the market. Just make sure that the tent is waterproof, lightweight, and easy to assemble. And make sure that your tent sleeps the number of people in your camp. You should also list down all the things you will be needing in setting up your tent, like stakes and hammer.

2. Sleeping bags

Don’t let yourself be folded in a ton of blankets inside your tent. And remember that some campers don’t get to bring tents with them, for instance, those confined not to having enough camping space. Hence, a good sleeping bag is always a necessity for comfort.

3. Firewood

You are never guaranteed that you can get good firewood when you arrive at a campsite. Woods, twigs, and other sources of fuel might be damp or, worse, unavailable. Many campers usually bring a few dry logs for this purpose. You can keep the wood dry by covering it with a piece of tarp.

4. Food

Food should be part of your camping supply pack. Unless if you are deliberately hunting game as camp food, bring along ready-to-eat and easy to prepare meals such as instant noodles and preserved goods. A good alternative is to bring MREs or Meals, Ready-to-Eat. Used by soldiers in the field, MREs are self-contained, individual field rations. They are available in many flavors. Each packed meal, which contains around 1,200 calories include a main course; a starchy side dish; crackers; a spread such as cheese or peanut butter; a dessert; a powdered beverage mix; an accessory packet that contains a plastic spoon, a beverage bag, moist napkins, coffee, and sugar; and a flameless heater to warm up the meal.

5. Utensils and tools

Camping involves a lot of cutting, skinning, shaving, and crushing. For this purpose, utensils and tools should also be part of camping supplies. Utensils include forks, spoon, knives, and the like. Tools to bring include a survival knife, a multipurpose pocket knife, a flat-head, and Phillips screwdriver, a bottle opener, a can opener, scissors, tweezers, an awl, sharp razor blades, a small hammer, and pliers.

These are your basic camping supplies. Other supplies will probably be needed, depending on the condition and the requirements of your camping trip.

Most of your basic camping supplies can be found here.


ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4-Person Tent

The Morada is a free standing pole system with 7000 series aluminum poles that are strong and lightweight. It has an extra cross pole which allows for more headroom and interior space. This free standing tent is enhanced with 2 doors for easy entry and 2 vestibules for gear storage. The 2 doors both have zippered mesh windows to help with ventilation for those warm summer nights. Improve ventilation and star gazing with the mesh roof vents when you get those perfect, clear evenings. Extra large #8 zippers make opening and closing the doors and vestibules a breeze. Assembly is really easy with the tent clips that just snap in place over the poles.

The poles are all shock corded together as one continuous system. With a factory sealed fly and floor seams, you’re sure to stay dry in rainy weather. The polyester fly and floor are urethane coated, factory sealed seams for maximum waterproofness. The fly buckles to the tent, offering a much more secure attachment when compared to elastic cord. All these combined features, make the Morada a perfect choice for your next tent purchase. Materials: Fly: 75D, 185T, Poly Taffeta, 1500mm Multi-pass Urethane coating; Floor: 75D, 185T, Poly Taffeta, 3000mm Multi-pass Urethane coating; Walls: 75D, 185T, Poly Taffeta; Mesh: Nylon No See-um Mesh, 40D; Frame: 9.5mm 7000-series aluminum. Includes: Rain Fly, 7000 Series Aluminum Poles, Pole Bag, Stake Bag, 7075 Aluminum Stakes, Guy Ropes, Repair Swatches, Mesh Storage Pocket, and Tent Bag.

ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4-Person Tent

Product Review

The Morada 4-Person Tent is a free-standing system. It has 7,000 series aluminum poles which are both lightweight and strong. It also has an additional cross pole that permits for more interior space and headroom. It is enhanced with two doors for simple or easy entry, and two vestibules where you may store your gears.

The two doors have zippered mesh windows which assist with enough ventilation for a warm summer night. And the extra-large zippers make the closing and opening the doors of Morada quite simple. Assembling the tent is a breeze, with 10 clips which just easily snap in place over its poles. And these poles are together all shock corded as a single continuous system.

With its factory sealed fly plus floor seams, you are certain that you will stay dry when it’s raining. The fly plus floor are coated with urethane, and factory sealed for optimum weather-proofs. It’s fly buckles to the tent which provides much more secure attachment than elastic cord. These features make Morada an ideal choice when you next want to buy a good tent.


Simple design that work

Enough of space inside

Excellent headroom and vestibule with enough space

The window do not compromise privacy and excellent for viewing


Not excellent material choice for rods

Poles made of aluminum that may bend