Coleman Camping 4 Person Instant Signal Mountain Tent

Product Review

You won’t find a better companion to take on your next outdoor camping adventure than the Coleman Camping 4 person Instant Signal Mountain Tent. The swanky and state-of-the-art design allows you to set up this tent in just a minute or less by following four easy steps. Simply unroll it, connect the pre-attached poles, raise the tent, stake the corners down and you are done. The rain fly over the tent entrance is an innovative touch to the design and you won’t have to assemble it separately.

With an inbuilt Weather Tec system, which includes welded floors and inverted beams, you are guaranteed of a warm, cozy and dry night’s rest in case it rains. The craftsmanship of this four person tent is well-suited to withstand the rigors of the outdoors considering the material used is heavier than what is used in making normal tents. Measuring 8*7 ft., it has enough room for a queen-sized airbed. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the air inside getting too stuffy. The windows are large enough to let in plenty of screened fresh air. Moving in and out of the tent at night is now easier with the added illumining reflective guy lines feature. It also comes with a carry bag which keeps your tent safely tucked away until your next camping trip.


The setup instructions are straight-forward and easy to follow.

Has a stylish finish with good quality zippers.

The material used is solid, durable, and good quality.

After use, it stores comfortably in the included bag.



The tent is a bit heavy and you won’t relish the idea of carrying it over long distances.

It might take a bit of practice to achieve the record 60 seconds set-up time advertised.

Coleman Camping 4 person Instant Signal Mountain Tent Review



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