Coleman Carlsbad Dome Dark Room Tent4-Person tent

Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Dark Room Tent with Screen Room Product Review

The Coleman Carlsbad darkroom tent is capable of blocking away over 97% of sun-ray penetration inside your tent. During its manufacture, advanced Coleman Dark Room technology is incorporated to block out sunlight which might interfere with a campers early morning sleep. This insulation also prevents the tent from heating up inside.

Features & Specifications

Weighing roughly 8 pounds it’s just the right size for a camping expedition. On its inside it’s quite spacious and can accommodate up to four people. With an inside floor space of 63 square feet and a height of 5 feet at its dome-shaped center, it’s quite spacy. The outer mesh screen room extends 36 square feet, way larger than similar models designed with 10 foot vestibules. The tent has a floor that keeps off bugs from creeping in underneath. Its slightly porous mesh walls however do not safeguard all gear stored inside from the elements.


· When setting up the tent for the first time it is less demanding than other models.

· The tent is waterproof

· Can accommodate a sizable amount of luggage.

· Plenty of room inside.


· Screened in porch is not rain proof

· Lacks a back window

· Very dark interior


Most people highly rate the tent for being roomy and darkened inside. It’s perfect when hanging out with children who are nap-prone. It’s perfectly suited for car campers. It ranks perfectly in performance and intuitiveness. If you overlook the weight and focus on its versatility and durability, it ranks way above an average score. Coleman Carlsbad darkroom tent review



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